Vacuum Infusion

Vacuum infusion, also called resin infusion, is a production method very well suited for prototypes and smaller series. First, dry fiber preforms and core materials are covered with a peel ply and resin distribution mesh. Second, the stacking is compacted under a sealed vacuum bag. Finally, the resin gate is opened while maintaining the vacuum. In that way, the resin is pulled through the reinforcement and eliminates the air in the laminate. A wide range of thermoset resins and fiber material can be used, typical resins being polyester, vinylester and epoxy.

The equipment used at SLC-Lab includes a buffer tank and has the following specifications:

Nominal capacity40 m3/h
1.1 kW
Buffer capacity250 liters
Vacuum level0.1 mbar
residual pressure
Secondary vacuum level100-800 mbar
residual pressure

The image below shows the infusion of typical training component at SLC-Lab. Another example is the dinghy manufactured within project DeMaCo.