Resin Transfer Moulding – Light (RTM-light)

RTM-light is an alternative to vacuum infusion. Here, a top mold is used instead of a vacuum bag. This top mold is kept in place by vacuum and guarantees tighter tolerances than vacuum infusion.

  • Drape dry fiber reinforcement into mold and cover with flexible top mould
  • Pull 0.9 bar vacuum around the part periphery to clamp moulds together
  • Pull resin through reinforcements by peripheral injection at 0.5 bar

Unlike conventional resin transfer molding, the RTM-light process makes use of a mold in composite material. In that sense, the advantages of RTM (double sided mold, fast layup and injection) are combined with more cost-efficient tooling. The drawbacks of RTM-light compared with conventional RTM are the limited injection pressure, a limited compaction of the reinforcement and less dimensional accuracy.

During the last years, SLC-Lab has designed and manufactured a series of molds and parts. SLC-Lab is your partner in "design for manufacture in RTM-light", production of the mold and prototyping.

The example below shows the tram nose manufactured within project DeMaCo.