Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

Resin transfer moulding (RTM) is a fast closed-mould processing technique to produce polymer matrix composites within close tolerances. First the reinforcement, mostly in the form of textiles, is placed in the mould cavity, then the mould is closed and the resin is injected into the mould cavity with low pressure. After filling the part the injection port is closed and the resin is allowed to cure. Finally the part is demoulded and trimmed. For an example, see the DeMaCo control arm.

SLC-Lab uses a Wolfangel injection pump. This pump can be equiped with unsaturated polyesters, vinylesters and epoxies. The pneumatic injection gun is operated using

  • automatic recirculation and flushing system
  • temperature control up to 110 °C (heated containers for component A and B, heated injection hose)
  • external data logging of temperature and pressure
  • Volumetric mixing ratio (100:20 - 100:40 for epoxy; 100:1,5 - 100-3 for UP and VE
  • 1 kg/min capacity

SLC-Lab can support you with "design for manufacture for RTM", process design and prototyping.