Composite materials are becoming increasingly popular
This fibre reinforced plastic is the material of the future. That is why KU Leuven, UGent and Sirris have joined forces to stimulate and support local companies with the integration of these materials in their products. The result is the Sirris Leuven-Gent Composites Application Lab (SLC-Lab), an integrated knowledge centre that can provide your company with significant added value.

Link between science and industry
The Sirris Leuven-Gent Composites Application Lab ensures that materials and process knowhow is translated into tangible end products. If you are interested in using composite materials for a new product or application, SLC is your partner for technological advice and practical realisations.

Room for experiments

SLC provides the environment where companies and composite experts together develop innovative applications with composite materials. In this way, your company has easy access to a dedicated research infrastructure at limited cost.

Ongoing and recently completed research projects


  •  Design for manufacture guidelines for liquid composite molding – a selection toolkit and cost estimation tool developed within a Cornet project.
  • Thermoforming of thermoplastic composites – material and processing optimization, mold and process design, forming simulations and manufacture of demonstrators.
  •  Dissemination and demonstration of key enabling technologies for green, fast and flexible production of composites – part of the program Nieuw Industrieel Beleid by the Flemish government
  • Implementation of optical fiber sensors in industrial parts and demonstrators as part of the SBO project Self-Sensing Composites



Semi-industrial key technology for the processing of composite are:


  •  Resin transfer molding system for epoxy and polyester resins
  •  Two-level vacuum system for resin infusion and RTM-light
  • Silicone spray system for closed mold technology
  • Large curing oven for components up to 2,5x1,5 m, maximum temperature 250 °C
  •  Unique operator of the large 100 t press of KU Leuven for thermoforming of composite
  • Modified autoclave for maximum temperatures of 400 °C via Sirris Seraing